Dear jenny (my guitar)

I remember how suddenly you came to my life giving me a plethora of reasons to love you and the “genie” who presented you to me.

I had numerous jam sessions with you enjoying each and every note coming out from you. The way your strings get plucked by my fingers and the feedback you give to my ears that is beautiful.

The “genie” loved me a lot so the present was for me. I promise I will never let you down.

Dear jenny, just be with me so I can do wonders with you by my side.

Love you jenny ( a piece of my heart).


“Be like water”

Water makes its own way to flow,

So you can.

Water gets diverged and change their paths but they still move on,

So you can.

Rigorous flowing of water erodes soil and makes it a easier path to flow,

So you can.

Water can quench someone’s thirst,

So you can.

Water can remain stored in worst of conditions,

So you can.

So be like water.

“Oh dear cushion “

Oh dear cushion well i am going on a mission,

Will you be that much softer when I return to you my cushion?

I know you must be feeling alone, when I leave you in the mornings.

But hey! Can’t wait to rest my head on you and talk about the day in the nights,

Oh my poor cushion i promise i will take you to the whirlpool world for you have taken so much shit from my mission,

Just hold me close at nights for I have to go for the next day fights,

Oh dear cushion well the next day i will again go on a mission,

Will you be that much softer when I return to you my “dear cushion”.

“Loneliness, a matter of choice.”

The feeling that either breaks you from your core or make you rise again like a phoenix. It is just a matter of choice.

Everyone is temporary in our life. The only truth is you yourself because you are permanent for yourself. You will stand for your own when no one will understand you, when everyone leaves you, stand in front of a mirror you’ll see yourself and that person is your strength.

Cherish everyday the body you live in no matter how ugly you look because that person is the only one who will be there for you each and every second of your life. Love yourself, value yourself.

And after all these loneliness will just be a “matter of choice”.

“loneliness is a sign you are in desperate need of yourself”

-Rupi Kaur

“Graduating days”

Indeed beautiful and nostalgic memories. You cherish each and every moment you lived because somewhere in between making your career you learn how to live and value people.

These are the days you experience everything from falling in love to getting your heart broken, from fights to get drunk as fuck. Each and everyone of you want those life back but then “surprise, surprise”, welcome to the world of responsibilities.

These memories prepares and help us to find out the best from ourselves.

I still cherish those memories and will always remain in my heart.

To all my batch mates, seniors and juniors.

“Don’t expect just accept”

Most of the people break their peace of mind because of their unnecessary need of expecting from others and ultimately they tend to harm themselves.

Three things we must practice to avoid these situations.

  • Do not let your emotions to be controlled by others because whenever we do that the feeling of expectation comes into place and people are not here to fulfill our wishes.
  • Accept people the way they are.
  • Let people know your worth and always think positive about the things that hurt you and make you fall because it teaches you to rise again.

Love and care for everyone just don’t expect but accept.

Focus- “easy word which is difficult to practice”

Apparently, everyone will say that they are focused but do we practice it?

In this monotonous life where we are in a rat race chasing for something about which we don’t know yet. We are just running aimlessly.

Here’s what I think to do to stay focused which I started practicing it recently.

  • Wake up early and sit for five minutes and ask yourself whether you are content doing what you are doing if not then start doing something about it or else you are going to regret.
  • Give yourself at least 1 hour a day, talk to yourself, know about your weaknesses and strengths.
  • Your past must not become a hindrance in your future endeavours. Whenever negative thoughts come to your mind just laugh it off.
  • Listen to good music.
  • Don’t give importance to anything in life just take it lightly. This is the only way not to hurt yourself and stay focused.
  • Love yourself if that means being selfish then yes, you become selfish and there’s nothing wrong in it.
  • Being content is important if you are not and still you are happy then you have only excuses in your life.

Stay focused.